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 2010 Scholarship Winner

Our most recent scholarship recipient is a 2010 graduate of St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights.  During her years at St. Viator, Janice received numerous academic and service awards and was a member in the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society and the National Art Honor Society.  She graduated with high honors and is currently attending the University of Chicago.

Janice is still involved in several community service organizations, but perhaps one of her greatest achievements is as founder and President of EYEsee, an international health mission that addresses the vision needs of the poor in third world countries.  In 2009, EYEsee partnered with five international humanitarian agencies to distribute over 7,000 eyeglasses during medical missions to the poor in the Philippines, Honduras, Venezuela, the Republic of the Marshall Islands. the Federation States of Micronesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In addition to being Section Head and First Chair Flute all fours years at St. Viator, Janice worked as Copy Editor on the yearbook, Creative Writing Editor for the high school’s literacy magazine and was a Contributing Writer to the book, “Arlington Heights’ Greatest Generation”, a collection of personal stories of local veterans.  Proceeds from the sales of the book benefited the Veterans of Foreign War.  As a member of St. Viator’s Campus Ministry, Janice served as a Eucharistic Minister and Altar Server during school worship services.  Parish involvement included volunteering as a  Teacher Aide in her parish’s Religious Education program, as an Altar Server for seven years, and as an active member of the Peace and Justice Ministry.

In closing, we would like to share with you and ask you to ponder Janice’s scholarship essay:  “What it Means to be a Catholic Woman in the World Today.

(Please see Janice's Essay on the right)



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 Janice's Winning Essay


“What it Means to be a Catholic Woman
in the World Today” 
     In today’s self-centered world, where success is defined in terms of the material possessions we have, the honors and titles we hold and the power we have over others, life’s value and meaning are harder to locate.  Indeed, our self-centered culture has lowered the bar of our understanding of the value and meaning of our lives.  Life in today’s culture has very little meaning outside of our immediate self.
     The Catholic woman in the world today, however, understands that life’s meaning goes beyond the immediate self.  She prays for daily conversion that she may raise her eyes and heart beyond her selfish concerns.  She nurtures deep within herself a sense of mission in the very ordinariness of her life.  While prayer is the life of her soul, service gives meaning to her life.  She lives out a faith that does justice.  She has real concerns for the poor, the disadvantaged and the marginalized.  She breaks her silence to give voice to the voiceless.  Her life is an act of service that gives comfort to those who are hurting, strength to those who are oppressed and hope to those who are victimized and alienated.  Through her quiet leadership she empowers other woman and forges sisterhood in the community and in the Church.
     The Catholic woman in the world today is an advocate, a peace builder and an ambassador of God’s kingdom.  She keeps alive the cause of freedom within the Church as well as the world at large.  She nourishes her conscience so that the values of Jesus grow deeper within her every day.  The Catholic woman in the world today makes a difference.  She betters humanity through her faith, relationships and work.