Starting a Collection Drive

Millions of people in the world have vision problems that can easily be corrected with eyeglasses. Yet, many of the poorest segments of the world's population in Asia, Latin America, and Africa cannot afford the cost of a simple pair of eyeglasses. Your desire to start an eyeglasses collection drive in your office will go a long way to helping alleviate this problem.

By partnering with EYEsee, you can get your project rolled out quickly and run smoothly. EYEsee can help by:

  • providing you guidance on how to run your collection drive.
  • helping you communicate your project with ready-to-use templates, including allowing you the use of EYEsee’s name, logo, and photography.
  • highlighting your project on EYEsee’s web site and newsletter.
  • recycling your eyeglasses donations (sorting, cleaning, testing, labeling, packing, etc.) after your collection drive.
  • shipping your eyeglasses donations to the EYEsee-supported health missions in the Third World countries.
  • providing you a year-end report on how your eyeglasses donations were distributed during the EYEsee-supported health missions.

    If you would like to organize an eyeglasses collection drive as part of your company’s Earth Day recycling or green program, contact Janice Guzon at (773) 717-2797 or email