Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute towards improving the vision of the needy in poorer countries, and in so doing alleviate some of the poverties in the world. We achieve this goal by collecting used eyeglasses in the U.S. and then recycling them for distribution to the some of the poorest segments of the world's populations through partnerships with overseas religious missions and international humanitarian organizations.

We will grow our organization from a small core team of dedicated volunteers to a global organization with national and international chapters and overseas missions.

We will evolve our used eyeglasses collection drives from local neighborhood efforts into national collection drives and gradually achieve worldwide distribution of recycled eyeglasses to many poor countries in the long term.

We will continue to expand our global community of supporters and partners so that by working together, we can make a significant difference in alleviating worldwide poverty.

We will pursue creative solutions and the adoption of cutting-edge software technology to reach through to some of the most remote and dangerous areas of the world, where impoverished populations have the most desperate need for eyeglasses.