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Millions of people in the world have vision problems that can easily be corrected with eyeglasses. Yet, many of the poorest segments of the world's population in Asia, Latin America, and Africa cannot afford the cost of a simple pair of eyeglasses.

You can help them by volunteering for EYEsee. Your in-kind donations of time and talents can help thousands of people to experience corrected vision with recycled eyeglasses, helping them regain productivity and employability and enjoy a quality of life.

We have many volunteer opportunities to help with our continuing work in alleviating the world's poverty or support this year's two campaigns (used eyeglasses collections and fundraising). Becoming an EYEsee volunteer can be both a transforming and memorable experience for you, while expanding your communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

How to Become an EYEsee Volunteer

1) Attend one of our regularly scheduled Volunteer Orientation sessions. Choose from any of the available dates shown on the Events page of our web under Volunteer Orientation.

2) Select from a list of volunteer opportunities shown on the Events page of our web. The descriptions shown under each of the listed opportunities should help you decide which activities interest you. Then simply show up on the date and place of the event, and we'll take care of the rest.

Become a Mentor

Help EYEsee to reach out to the poorest of the world's populations by volunteering your time and experience. Join a team of highly skilled professionals who are helping EYEsee succeed.

As an EYEsee mentor, you not only share your business skills and knowledge, but you also provide the EYEsee team with the guidance, encouragement, and support it needs to live up to its full potential.

We have many mentoring opportunities at EYEsee to help with our continuing work in alleviating the world's poverty or support this year's two campaigns (used eyeglasses collections and fundraising). Because you make a tangible contribution to a non-profit organization, you help create a positive change in the lives of others.

You donate as many or as little hours to help with EYEsee's projects. Most work is done virtually. Projects are structured with specific goals and deadlines. On an as-needed basis, you will participate in conference calls with EYEsee teams.

How to Become an EYEsee Mentor

1) Select a mentoring role from the list above that best matches your skills and experience.

2) Send an email to about your background and your area of mentoring interest.

Adopt Our Cause as a Scout Project

Consider collecting used eyeglasses as your service project and designate EYEsee as your partner organization.

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